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Eyetopia: The Utopia of Eye Care


  • 51% of Employers offer a vision plan to their employees.
  • Most Vision Plans are owned by an insurance company and are insurance themselves
  • The top 4 benefits an employee wants from their company are:
  1. Health Insurance
  2. A Pharmacy plan
  3. Dental Insurance
  4. Vision Care

    (These facts were gathered in a survey by Johnson & Johnson)

Vision Care should NOT be an Insurance plan!!

People buy insurance in order to protect themselves from travesties that may occur. When people buy a Vision Plan they are buying with the intent to use it. So What should vision plans be?? Eyetopia believes it's structure is the only way to provide the best care. Eyetopia was set up as a non-profit organization 10 years ago today. A group of optometrists in San Antonio created the program in order to keep up with the curve of managed care, but didn't want to have the strict limitations of an insurance company. Every doctor that joins the Eyetopia panel becomes an owner and has a stronger influence over how the plan is administered. The advantages of keeping Eyetopia as a non profit organization are as follows:

  1. The doctors control where they send their patient's lab work for their spectacle lenses, rather than a vision plan telling them.
  2. The doctors know what their patients want and they know where the technology is going. Eyetopia is always changing and adding more benefits. You wouldn't go to a butcher to get your teeth cleaned, so why ask an insurance company what eye care people need?!?
  3. Eyetopia doesn't have to be on the leash of insurance requirements and can be more flexible in meeting employee/employer needs.
  4. Eyetopia molds to what you, the client, want. What ever is easiest for you, Eyetopia can do it.

Vision Plans should always be offered as a Dual-Option

You have some employees that purchase a vision plan in order to just get what they need in order to see, BUT the majority of people want the latest and greatest technology and the latest and greatest frames. The basic plan (Eyetopia) gets the employees what they need to see for a low monthly cost and keeps them happy. The employees who want designer frames, coatings, tints, feather weight lenses pay that same low monthly fee, but end up paying an extra $400 for everything else. The high plan (Eyetopia Gold) covers these people. They pay a higher fee per month but walk in, pay a $5 copay, and get the glasses they want! We have found over the years that people would rather pay the higher fee each month, than walk in and pay an extra $400 on the spot.

Who rather than how many

The Eyetopia plans in each area are owned by the private practicing doctors (optometrists and opthamologists) in that location. These doctors have been around a long time or they plan on being around a long time. They are always trying to stay up with the market, purchasing the latest equipment in order to increase the patient base. Most retail Optometrists don't see a need in investing a lot of money into equipment, because they eventually want to own their own Optical or they don't want to deal with the hassle. Eyetopia puts every doctor on the same playing field. They get the Wal-Mart price, but they get the Private Practice Care.

Eyetopia Supports TEXAS!

The last reason Eyetopia is the perfect vision plan is this; all of the money that is collected from membership fees is going back out to the doctors in that area. With most vision plans the money is collected and the majority of it goes to a large corporation far, far away from Texas. Since we are a non-profit organization owned by the doctors the money is paid back to them and used to support your local economy.