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Why is Eyetopia perfect for Agents...

  • Eyetopia will provide enrollers for the initial enrollment to answer questions and to ease your burden.
  • Eyetopia provides online enrollment. Making it easier, faster, and more efficient for you.
  • Eyetopia NEVER receives complaints. Most agents agree vision plans can cause a headache, but not Eyetopia. We've heard numerous agents say the same thing, "I use Eyetopia because all I hear from employees is satisfaction."
Service Care Most Vision Plans EyeTopia Vision Care
Eye Exam Use it or lose it. Flexible, can apply benefit allowance toward a complete medical eye exam.
Spectacle lenses Require lenses to be made at "their" lab. Dispense time averages 2 to 3 times longer than necessary. Quality lenses with coatings come standard and providers take full responsibility for their design and manufacture.
Frames Only offer a select group of off-brand frames or minimal allowances. Provides ample allowances for a quality frame in the latest designer fashions.
Contact Lenses Force certain brands or offer minimal allowances. One size fits all mentality. Provides ample allowances and financial resources to the Provider so they can take full responsibility for the fit and ongoing care.
Refractive Surgery Benefits are not available for most procedures. Benefits are available for all FDA approved procedures.
Cost Patients have to face a big bill the day of the visit - or stay within the limited confines of their plan's services and selections. Patients pay $5.00 the day of the visit and walk out with exactly what they wanted.