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Our Member Benefits


Why do our members think we are perfect?

No Limitations.

  • Members have coverage on the best lens technology..
  • Members can choose any frame in the Doctor's office.

We Listen.

  • Eyetopia believes in good old customer service, most insurance companies have automated systems answering all the questions. Eyetopia will always have real humans answering your questions. We will spend more to hire a live employee, than let our members hassle with an automated operator.

Our Benefits

  • Eyetopia is the first and only vision plan to offer a benefit on ALL FDA approved refractive surgeries.
  • Eyetopia offers everyone two options for vision coverage to best fit their needs
  • Eyetopia's gold plan offers a Polycarbonate Lens (thinner and lighter), Standard UV coating, and Standard Scratch coating as a standard benefit with NO co-pay.