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Find out what is happening in the eye care industry and how Eyetopia Vision Care is staying ahead of the competition:

Resolution brand polycarbonate spectacle lenses are the best poly lenses on the market.  They can be drill mounted for rimless wear and they have virtually no abberations like injection molded poly lenses. Stronger, more durable lenses, polycarbonate has become the standard of care for the children's eyewear.  Now Eyetopia child dependents can get the best poly on the market with no out of pocket costs.


Dr. Peter Shaw has developed the first spectacle lens that can create binocular vision for people who see different image sizes in each eye. A large percentage of the population have different prescriptions in each eye which means the eyes do not see the exact same image size even when they are wearing corrective lenses. The Shaw Lens is designed to correct this problem, helping millions of people see binocularly for the first time! Children no longer need to patch their good eye to develop better vision in their 'lazy' or amblyopic eye.

Testimonials on the Shaw Lens

"For years, when I would take off my contact lenses and put on my glasses, I would experience vision problems. For example, the floor in my home appearing as if it were slanting or sloping down as I was walking. Eyetopia recommended that I try the Shaw Lens, designed for people like me who have a different prescription for each eye. I visited my Optometrist, Dr. Rountree, and was fitted for the new lens. When I first put them on I was amazed at how sharp and clear my vision was! Not only did the lenses correct my sloping floor issue, but I was also blown away at the overall improvement in the clarity of my vision. My Shaw lens glasses are now my glasses of choice." Thanks so much, Chrissy