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Quotes & Stories of Perfection

  1. Since every Eyetopia Provider is an owner, they tell us what benefits to add, because they know what you want from a vision plan.

  2. In Round Rock Texas a doctor has a sign up on her optical that says, "lenses in one hour". When she had a patient come in and select glasses offered by her vision plan the doctor told the patient it would be a 6-week wait. The patient was furious telling her the sign was misleading. The doctor's rebuttal was, "I'm sorry, you're vision plan requires me to use a lab in New York to make your lenses, their turn around time is 6 weeks!" She then told the lady to give her Boss an Eyetopia brochure and told her how Eyetopia gives doctors the freedom to send a patient's lenses anywhere that the doctor feels best, rather than to a lab picked by the vision plan.

  3. The Director of HR at a School district forgot to send in an enrollment form for an employee by the due date. She called us upset thinking her employee would have to wait a year, Eyetopia just backdated her allowing her to use her benefits that day if she wanted to.

  4. Our biggest client is in Laredo, TX. They were the first to offer the dual-option. Today over 400 employees are on the Gold plan, and the comments we receive all have the same point. They don't mind paying a little more per month, rather than a large amount at the time of service.

  5. "I only take Eyetopia, no insurance or vision plans are allowed in my office. I take Eyetopia because they give me the freedom to treat my patients how I decide is best."-Dr. Mayra Latoni-Fernandez, Del Rio, Texas