Focusing on Perfection.

We have practicing eye doctors and opticians help design and improve our vision plans because they know which vision benefits are important to their patients. Eyetopia is the most efficient vision plan for you and your doctor. Verifying eligibility and reimbursing your doctor has never been easier.

Why Choose Us

When you find a vision plan everyone loves, you've found Eyetopia - "The Perfect Vision Solution."

  • Customer Service

    You won't get a machine when you call! Eyetopia believes in good old customer service. We will always have real people answering your questions - not an automated system.

  • Easy and Quick Enrollment

    Online enrollment as well as specialized enrollers provided for a fast and efficient enrollment process.

  • Quality Eye Exams

    Quality eye exams keep members healthy or get them back to good health quickly.

  • Quickest Eligibility Verification

    All the information you, your employer or your doctor needs is right here online and accessible 24/7

  • High Definition Lenses are covered!

    Why free form digital lenses?

    Play this Video for More Information

  • Savings

    Our Non-Profit business model ensures maximum savings on the eye care benefits you really want.

Focusing On Perfection.