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Welcome to Eyetopia Vision Care

We know that when it comes to vision benefits, people care more about saving money out of their pocket in the Doctor's office, than saving a dollar or two in monthly payroll deductions. Vision care costs are insignificant when compared to health and dental insurance. At Eyetopia Vision Care we focus on helping members save 30% to 40% on the products they really want.

We know what Members want, what Employers want, what Providers want and what Optical Manufacturers want from a vision plan. By keeping strong relationships, we ensure the best experience for everyone.

Recent News

Resolution brand polycarbonate spectacle lenses are the best poly lenses on the market.  They can be drill mounted for rimless wear and they have virtually no abberations like injection molded poly lenses. Stronger, more durable lenses, polycarbonate has become the standard of care for the children's eyewear.  Now Eyetopia child dependents can get the best poly on the ma...

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