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NEW! You can now use your Eyetopia contact lens benefit online. You will only be charged the amount over your benefit allowance. Your Eyetopia Provider is notified when the prescription is filled.
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Our Member Benefits

Why do our members think we are perfect?

  • We Listen

    We listen to you, the Member. You will get a live person when you call. No machines to keep you on hold, no automated answers to your questions.

  • No Limitations

    You are unique, we maximize benefit flexibility to help meet your personal needs and circumstances. You forgot your Membership card, no problem. our Providers can look you up online with just your name and date of birth.

  • Our Benefits

    We are first to cover all FDA approved refractive surgeries. We offer the Shaw Lens to those who need it. We include premium AR coatings to protect your high definition lenses with no out of pocket costs.